Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I Set Up My Own Campaign?


  • Simply click on one of the sign-up links (Here: )
  • Once you’ve completed the initial sign up; customize your shop to your liking!
  • Choose between Option 1 (Your Own Custom Gaming Related Products) or Option 2 ( Using our Product designer to create Merch)
  • Once you have your products, upload them to your Campaign!

How Do I Generate Product Sales?

Great question! There is no secret to generating sales and it requires work by both Gamers Campaign and You! We will run promotions, provide a Dedicated Marketplace, and even advertise products on your behalf. We suggest social Media, Streams, and Dedicated Forums – Anything to get your name out there!

What Happens When I Make a Sale?

Congrats! After you’ve made a sale on Gamers Campaign, log into your Account. There you will be able to see the order details and begin to process the Order.

How Do I Get Paid?

Once you’ve made a sale, and the buyer has paid, our system will collect the money and distribute your profits to you. Simple – You get paid for each sale you make with the highest commission rates!

How Do I Contact The Buyer?

We recommend looking at the order details and contacting the buyer through their email.

How Do I Request A Return/Refund?

In most cases refunds are not available. This is due the rarity and customization of each product. Ultimately, each Campaigner will decide upon their own refund and return policy.

What Do I Do If I Didn’t Receive My Order?

First, let’s make sure the product has been shipped by the Campaign Owner. If the product has not been shipped, please reach out to the owner. If the issue still persist, open a ticket with Gamers Campaign and we will investigate the issue.

How Do I Keep My Personal Information Safe?

Gamers Campaign is completely certified to handle all sorts of online payment transactions. Please never share your credit card number or Social Security number or password with any Campaigner requesting the information outside of Gamers Campaign platform.

Is There A Limit On Number Of Products We Can List In Our Shop?

Technically we do not have a limit on number of products you can have in your shop. We request that they maintain with our Terms and are viable product options for your customers.

How Do I Ship My Product?

If you have Chosen Option 1 – You will be responsible for the handling and shipping of your products. If you have Chosen Option 2 – We will handle the processing and shipping of your products.

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