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After months of trials and rebooting, Gamers Campaign opens to the public. Our mission at Gamers Campaign is to provide Gamers the ability to expand upon their own Brand with a customize Merch line. There are several POD companies that allow anyone to create a Merch line and sell on their own website, (Assuming you have a website). However, none of these marketplaces are dedicate strictly to Gamers. Your Merch line will not get lost in world of pillows and mugs made for your dads. There will only be Merch from your favorite Gamers.

Gamers Campaign wants to differentiate ourselves by providing a dedicated marketplace for these Gamers. With other POD companies and websites, you are really only as good as your own brand promotion. Honestly, we only make a money when you sell something, so we need to ensure your Merch game is fire!

From research, Gamers are often more likely to purchase other items/Merch when they are in a marketplace filled with similar/like items to the one they are looking for. With a dedicated Market place, Gamers will return for repeat visits which increases the likelihood of selling your Merch.

We hold a number of partnerships with Print manufacturers allowing us to offer incredible quality at low prices. We have no minimums on all products. We’ve initially chosen to offer a limited product menu for your own Merch lines. The reason we did this; one someone offers you too many options, people tend to be overwhelmed and struggle to make decisions. With fewer options, there are more product conversions, and more sales to you.

Overall, we are just getting started at Gamers Campaign and will continue to keep you posted with the new material, features, and Gamers that join!

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